What Products Does RxEOB Make?



The RxEOB® MercurySuite™ is a member targeting and communication application that optimizes health plans’ patient engagement and messaging activities.  With an easy-to-use point & click interface, and powerful real-time analytics, Mercury facilitates rapid access to disparate data sets, allows for iterative analysis, and leapfrogs traditional data-access bottlenecks.  The MercurySuite includes three modules:  MercuryAnalytics™ for patient targeting and population segmentation, MercuryMessaging™ for content management and multi-channel messaging; and MercuryEnterprise™ for plan-wide message coordination, throttling and communication oversight.

Optimizing Patient Engagement



RxEOB MyDrugBenefit™ is a personalized self-service pharmacy information portal for members.  The client-configurable responsive-design web app, and its companion mobile application, provide members with engagement tools to optimize prescription drug use.  Medicine Cabinet, Claim History and Drug Look-Up tools deliver valuable cost comparison data and medication options to the member, along with secure messaging through the In-Box.  By helping patients understand their benefits, and the relative cost of medication options, they can make better therapy choices that save money, increase adherence, and improve health.

Helping Your Members Make Better Choices



RxMonitor® is a powerful data-visualization and reporting tool providing critical insights into pharmacy benefit program utilization, trends, outcomes and opportunity.  In a world where reporting tools abound, RxMonitor stands out because it’s built around the pharmacy vernacular, and incorporates the myriad prescription drug taxonomies, rebate and drug benefit complexities, and industry quality metrics that confound even the most respected off-the-shelf business intelligence tools.  Quality pharmacy program reporting requires deep prescription drug benefit understanding and experience.

Surfacing Pharmacy Program Insights



RxEOB’s CostAvoidTPL® is the most timely and cost-effective Other Health Insurance (OHI) discovery service available to Medicaid and Medicare carriers.  CostAvoidTPL supplements traditional TPL programs by automatically identifying and verifying active pharmacy and medical coverage segments previously inaccessible to the health plan.  Leveraging exclusive access to new reference sources and providing a near real-time response, the average CostAvoidTPL client reports a 40% increase in OHI segment discovery (80% of which would never have been discovered via traditional TPL methods).

Maximizing Cost Avoidance